11 Ways To Earn Extra Income Whilst Working Full-Time


Do you wish you could earn more?

Whether you are trying to save up for an investment or pay off debt, having an extra stream of income would make your life easier. I believe the majority of people would prefer multiple streams of income since relying on one source of income can become quite scary and risky. Though most people do it, it is not the best practice if you want to accomplish financial security.

Time value of money changes, this simply means that the amount of money required for a basket of goods tend to increase over time. Inflation is inevitable, but salaries are not guaranteed to increase, or don’t necessarily increase at the same pace of inflation. It will be much more costly to maintain the same standard of living if you do not have an alternative cash inflow.

Research has shown that putting all your investments in one portfolio is not safe. You should diversify your income to safeguard against economic ups and downs. The same rule of thumb applies to your source of income.

Just imagine that you are solely dependent on one career, one income source. Everything can turn around in one day. What will you do if you lose your job today? Do you have at least 3-6 months savings in reserve? What if you fall ill and are unable to work for a few months?

Have you ever thought about these things? Or, worst-case scenario, if you are the main breadwinner, your dependents will most likely suffer.

But it does not have to be this way. I am sure that you are an avid learner who can maximize your skills. Once properly marketed, it will generate additional income. Ready to start hustling?

Here are 11 ways you can earn extra income whilst working full-time.

1. Tutor: Which subject is your strong suit? Many students struggle with Math, Accounting, Statistics, Economics, IT and English? Why not offer private lessons to high school and college students.

2. Sell Stock Images: You will need to learn basic photography skills on Coursera.   Register for FREE with some of the top-tier stock imagery sites likes Shutterstock, iStock, Dreamstime, and Fotolia. The quality of photos is carefully examined so ensure that you provide high-resolution images.  They will pay you for your photos once they meet their requirements. Choose a niche and focus on it and move on from there.

Here is a preview of what Shuttershock submission page looks like:


3. Become a translator: Multilingual and Bilingual people have an advantage over people who only speak one language. By offering translation services you can earn a lot. Register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country, hotels, hospitals and, financial institutions for translation opportunities.

4. Learn a new skill: What do you wish you could do if you had the time? Skills like sewing, cake decorating, jewelry making are just some examples of skills you can acquire and generate an income from. I am currently enrolled in a home décor plus sewing program at Royal Globe Inc. My intention is to make curtains and throw pillow covers to sell. If you reside in Dominica, you should join. If you cannot commit to a schedule – use YouTube to learn new skills at your own pace.

5. Start a retail business: My #1 side hustle. I took a risk and invested some of my savings to start selling beauty supplies, jewelry and shoes. This extra income saved me when I was temporarily unemployed. Craigslist is a free marketplace where you can promote your items.

6. Editorial Services: Work remotely from the comfort of your home. You can offer editorial services like copywriting (review documents for grammar, style, and typos) and ghost writing (research a topic and write about it with someone else’s name attached to it). Also, write for magazines and newspaper, and online websites – this is a good way to gain exposure. I occasionally wrote a few articles for Dominica Explorer. There are many sites which offer freelance writing jobs. This site is quite resourceful and can be a starting point.

7. Freelance services: Many businesses outsource services that they might not have readily available such as human resource, event planner, accountant, and software engineer and much more. Also, with the rise of blogging, the demand for digital skills including multimedia artist, web developer and graphic designer is high. Take a web design and/or graphic design course on Udemy to become a professional graphic designer. Feel free to visit the freelance effect for 101 sites to find freelance jobs.

8. Start consulting: What questions do people frequently ask you? To become a consultant, you should have some level of experience (an impressive portfolio) and at least satisfied past successes. You must have something working for you. What are you great at and can deliver well? You can consult in many areas including sales & marketing, financial management, human resource, CAD design, project management and much more. When you have knowledge that others do not have – you are one step ahead. Help solve a problem and get paid for it. The biggest challenge is FINDING clients. Vist this site for tips on how to start a consulting as a side hustle.

9. Become a Professional Coach: Choose a topic that you are knowledgeable on and talk about it. Make it be the next BIG thing. Show people their mistakes and provide solutions. My site is my foundation for my coaching business.

10. Social Media Manager: To have a successful social media presence requires research and time which many businesses might not have. Why not learn and offer to do it for multiple businesses? CareerCastTemporary usually has job postings but, you will require excellent writing skills and some marketing background. Consult with me on how to get started as a social media manager.

11. Administrative support: During the start-up phase of small enterprises, they will need a lot of administrative work done. If you are an organized person and like planning like me, you can assist in developing and organizing administrative procedures, record keeping systems, filing systems, accounting systems and logistics processes.

I hope these tips were helpful. By having multiple streams of income, you are already on your journey to financial freedom.


What are you doing to earn extra income? Share in the comments below.