Why I Stopped Blogging Three Years Ago

why I stopped bloggingIt’s already May 2017 and everyone is still making New Year’s resolution. Am I right? Okay, well, I guess I am behind time.  For me, May is a new beginning because everything is settled and I am now starting my first resolution which is to finally re-launch my blog – my sweet escape, and there is nothing more ecstatic than this. When I began my blog I was searching for a creative corner to document my thoughts since my mind was cluttered with so many ideas. I was also undergoing some changes in my life, the things that interested me were no longer attractive, I craved a lot of alone time and I used to be easily irritated. I also felt like my life was not going as planned.

Show me a person whose life is going as planned.. *hides face* Silly me!.

I started blogging in January 2014 and I had no idea what I was doing.  Literally, No Freaking idea what the blogging world entailed but, I was writing and posting since it felt good. I wrote about anything that came to my mind. I used to research every evening after work. Initially, my site was “merls4rrizzle” on Blogger.com but, after speaking to a high school classmate who was a vlogger, I moved to my own domain as www.brynelle.com. He gave me advice on web hosting, vlogging and blogging and the rest was history. I wanted to provide advice, help others and contribute in any way that I could. At the same time, I used to think who am I to give advice? Doubts filled my mind, I was nervous since anxiety used to be my best friend.

That summer of 2014, I landed a new job which was extremely demanding and required my full attention. My social life in its entirety was put on hold and I was constantly tired from working 24/7.  I could not juggle work + blog life so one had to suffer. I will abridge to simply say that life got in the way. Job security was my priority so I chose it.

And, there lied the main reason for putting a hold on blogs.

Fast forward to 2016, I realized that I was missing something. Every day I felt the urge to write. I would go on a trip and write about it. I decided that I would re-launch my blog in 2017 but this time with a plan. I saw bloggers who started during the same time as me, have re-branded and grown so much. I used to get jealous since

I felt that I wasted time. But I realized that every blogger’s journey is different. Blogging is more than just a hobby and if I were to grow in the blogging world, I’d have to do it properly; that means, find a niche and be consistent and make it a business. So for the past few months, I have been planning. I did a lot of contemplation which changed my outlook on things.  It was a learning experience. Now, I am ready, with a new domain name (as myself), same ole me but with a plan. I cannot explain how much I love it and the delayed gratification that I am finally enjoying. I have become cognizant of the fact that everyone has a unique skill set that will help them stand out – as I discover mine, I will constantly upgrade It. Everything is a learning process and I want to use this avenue to help others like me find something they love and grow by overcoming their fears and doubts.

3 lessons I learned in three years I stopped blogging

  1. Do not start something without a plan: I was not ready for the blogging world three years ago. Mentally, it was quick fix without any plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I am certainly prepared now, have done more research, have some exciting ideas for this year and hope that you will be with me every step of the way. Plus, with the advent of technology and so many blogging apps, I can schedule all my posts so I will not have to blog constantly. Once I prepare in advance I can be consistent. With the help of God, my passion planner, support from loved ones and my go-getter mindset; I will organize to bring my projects to life.
  2. Passion never dies: If something is for you, you will get to do it no matter the gap it takes to start back. After the three years of no blogging, I could still derive a plan and bring out the idea of my first blog – but enhanced – properly documented in the form of a blog business plan and sustainability strategy. I can truly say that I had to give this a second try. I am passionate and once you love what you do, it will not become a burden. Yippie!
  3. Commitment is essential to success: Anything you attempt requires commitment: I had commitment issues and gave up my passion for a “steady income” – fast forward I am no longer in this job. Had I known better, I could have blogged and still manage my 8 – 4 (more like 24/7). I had to give up one to focus on the other. Hence, my re-launching.